Blaming Others for your Lies.

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Subject: Blaming Others for your Lies.
  To All

My morning Rant

CBC News recently printed an article with the title "German family sues immigration consultant" and the Immigration Lawyers started smiling and posting anti Immigration Consultant tweets!

I´m not posting and defending the actual Consultant he will have his day in court, hopefully sooner than later.

The one thing that we all know is that ALL Permanent Resident Applicants must prove their language ability or take an IELT´s test! Thomas Rost was applying to Manitoba PNP so did he understand the Schedule 1 question #9 question?????

. been convicted of, or are you currently charged with, on trial for, or party to a crime or offence, or subject to any criminal proceedings in any country?

Since when can any traveler apply for a tourist visa on a plane?
Since when do Germans require Canadian Visitor Visas?

Thomas Rost claims he had a conviction from a traffic accident and told the CSIC Consultant. How did Thomas Rost explain that particular conviction did he claim it was a conviction for Speeding, Unsafe left turn, DUI or Vehicular Homicide?

So now Thomas Rost is facing removal from Canada for not telling the truth and he would like everyone to believe it was someone else fault.

Now these Immigration Lawyers who comment on Twitter by saying only hire a Lawyer or CSIC dropped the ball and ICCRC may not be much better know far better when one signs a form they are responsible for their answers given. Promoting oneself by trying to disgrace others is one of the lowest forms of cheesy promotions I can think of!

When I first read this story I immediately thought sure tell another whopper Thomas Rost!

The main question CBC News should of asked and reported was what exactly was the traffic accident conviction about?


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what a mess. Now the question becomes- which one of them is actually lying. Did the applicant not do ANY homework at all before contacting this consultant?
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That very saga of Belgian family from Navan, a small farming community east of Ottawa back in 2006!

Both cases involves a criminal record back in home!

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244.253 It is not the same as the Belgian family issue from 2006 in any way shape or form. They were not involved with a Lawyer or a Consultant and did not blame others for his shoplifting conviction.

The story about the German Thomas Rost is so full of holes it can´t hold water. All Thomas Rost does is blame Adele Dyck, an immigration consultant.

What one has to view is that they retained Adele Dyck and had a problem when they initially arrived but continued with that same Immigration Consultant for their application. WHY?

It appears CSIC did nothing because when you look at their site hearings their is no scheduled hearing. Plus when you click on decisions there are none against Adele Dyck the Immigration Consultant.

Now since (I have been suspended by CSIC) for non-payment of dues I have the freedom of speech again.

CSIC has failed the consumer dreadfully and that alone is the reason for their removal as an Immigration Regulatory Body. CSIC for years went after anyone who said boo about their actions. Most complaints were filed for disrespecting the Society or for telling the truth that previously anyone can charge a fee prior to submitting an application.

I can understand why Adele Dyck said no comment since she is being sued by Thomas Rost.

But Thomas Rost and his wife posed for pictures and tries to fabricate compassion for themselves. The Dog was an extra nice little touch. Rost nor the reporter clarified what the actual conviction was about.

Turning left into an oncoming car is one thing that would not exclude you. Hitting someone from behind would not exclude you!

Driving 200 k in a 50 k school zone and almost running over a bunch of school kids would exclude you.

Just not enough facts to prove Thomas Rost is a victim.


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dear John...
every immigration site out there is either paid for by an immigration company, or like this one...has consultants who help out with questions. BE THANKFUL instead of bitching. Free advise that might be actually correct - what a novel concept.

Roy and I have both helped out on this website for more than 5 years. After a while you strike up a friendship, in the same way I have become friends with many people that have been on this forum over the years. Some are still in the process of immigration and some are now in Canada making their new lives.

Do you have a problem with that?

Who pissed in your cornflakes today?

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Sharon and docd are okay - they have nothing to gain when dispensing advice. Roy on the other hand.............. he will only answer questions selectively..... do a search and see for yourself
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I´m pretty sure Roy knows LOTS about Adel Dyck!!! If anyone would know what she has pulled not only with the Rost family but with other families awell in the area............!!
Roy Clearly knows nothing about this cast and just wants to rant!

Get a life Roy!

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Hello everyone,

I hired Adele Dyck as my Migration agent and I can confirm that she gives false information to prospective immigrants.
My case wasnīt that complicated and I am a candian resident by now. But he told me I can come on a visitor visa to Manitoba stay there for about three weeks and they sure will find me a job, when i talked to her in Germany. After I paid her to become my migration agent she denied this way and of course I was very unhappy about that. And also she has given me false information on what to provide for the PR Visa plus she didnīt tell me important things when I finally came to Canada with a job offer. That was very critical because it could cause that I couldnīt get my work visa at the customs. Beside the fact that my english is very good and I tried to get as many information as possible
itīs still difficult to know all about migration.
Thatīs why immigrants choose an Migration Agent and those should be fair and trustworthy and not destroying migrants dreams of a good life in Canada.


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Stop coming to my country and stealing OUR JOBS. You are NOT invited here by the Canadian people!
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Oh dear Jane... if they are stealing YOUR JOB, then you should maybe ask yourself:
Why can an immigrant with potentially less language qualification, potentially less cultural knowledge and potentially less education than you come and take YOUR JOB...


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Really Jane you call that ´stealing´ your job???