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Subject: Sponsoring my overseas fianc
  My fianc? is overseas and I would like to sponsor him to come over to Canada. I am just in the process of finding out what would be the best way to approach my problem. He is in Europe and I don´t know should he come here for a visit first and then apply or should we do the application from Europe.
If anybody had this situation please help.
Thank you

Sara S.
Better to wait overseas (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
Your situation depends on several factors.
- What country is he from?
- Does he require a visitor visa to enter Canada?
- Would he be suspicious of staying in Canada when coming for a visit?
All these questions do matter for fiance sponsorship.
Probably the best way would be for you to make an application there and for him (I assume) to stay there and wait for process to finish. Simply because he will need to leave Canada again in order to pick up his landed immigrant visa from outside Canada. Otherwise this would make your process more expensive and probably more time consuming. Good luck! Hope this helps.

Roger August
(in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
Just fly over and get married. That´s the best and fastest way.

go there (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
Yes, if you really want to bring him here. Simply go there and get married. This is guarantied the best way to bring someone to Canada, most other ways are not "for sure".

Good luck

Josephina BB
Few options (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
If he can come over to Canada, he can apply and just go over to United States and go through immigration from United States. That´s another option.

He does not necessery has to immigrate from the country where he lived. But again how hard is to come here.

Searching for another solution? Well you can meet in the third country and start the process in third country. This is usually done for immigration due to political situations, but could work for regular immigration as well.

Good luck

Sponsoring My fiance (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
I got a similar situation 5 years ago. My fiance living here in canada sponsor me. What he did he apply here in canada and I got a notice fr the immigration where i live. In applying fiance visa takes 1 and half year...We process it as fiance visa..but later change it to marriage visa...At first we are thinking that i just come here as a tourist and then get married here. However, we dont know what will be the reason for visiting bec i can´t use his name otherwise the immigration will know that we might got married here and might be denied. so we decided to get married then apply as a marriage visa. If its easier for you to get him a visitors visa then just come here and get married ..but if you have a hard time well i think the best option is get married in the place he were and then process it as a marriage visa its a lot faster ..It shld take only for 6 months. I hope this will help.
Sponsoring my overseas fiance (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
Hi I am in a similar situation except the man I love is in Iraq and I want to sponsor him to move to Alberta so we can marry....what can I do to help him to do this? I have other friends in Iraq that I would like to sponsor too...can this be done?
Debbie Jonsson
inquiry pls. help (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
i also have the same situation... i live here in manitoba and i would like to sponsor my fiance to go here .. how can i bring her here easily and as soon as possible ? ? pls. help ....
Sponsoring my overseas fiance (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
I am in a similar situation and have been looking at the best way to have my fiance come here... I have a family member and a friend that were in the same situation and both went a different route: One had their fiance come here on a visitor visa, as they had other family here already, and got married here in Canada. They took their marriage papers to the immigration office and had to renew the visitor visa for one year (in three month intervals) and then applied for landed immigrancy status. They are still together and both reside in Canada currently.
The other person had their fiance apply for permanent residency, then had them come over here and hired a lawyer to have a sponsorship done here.. they later got married.
I have looked at the point system as the skilled work process for my fiance and the money part is hard to come up with all at once... I am wondering if there is any other solutions to this problem that we all seem to be in or have been in. I would like very much if someone can contact me if they have any other solutions.
Hope the information I included will help someone

Visa for Fiance overseas (in reply to: Sponsoring my overseas fianc)
My situation is also dreadfully similar. My fiancee is in Tanzania, and has already been denied a visitor´s visa. We did not write engaged to be married on the appliation, as we thought it would hurt our chances, but did write "partners". We were hoping to bring him here first, and then get married here. It nows seems like we will have to get married much earlier than we had imagined and also be apart alot longer than we thought. My question is, once we have the marriage papers overseas, this does not grant him an immediate visa, does it? We still need to go through the entire process of "sponsoring" a spouse, which takes six months, and then what if they turn that down for financial reasons?
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