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  hello, i am currently working as a Systems Analyst for an IT company in USA and have a total work experience of more than 9 years in the IT industry. I wish to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker category. Can someone please let me know which NOC code I should apply under? Does this occupation fall in NOC 1122 ? Any guidance in this matter is highly appreciated. Thanks.
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No one here will be answer that question with the information you have provided. Take a look at the detailed description for NOC 1122. If most of the roles and responsibilities in the detailed description match your experience, then go ahead and apply.

Note that NOC 1122 already has 336 (out of 500) completed applications received. If you don´t plan to submit your application within the next few days or next week, then you probably won´t make it before the cap.

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2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants is more appropriate.
Since you already have a job in US, would recommend you to stay put.

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Thanks for the response. I truly appreciate this. One follow-up question that I had based on the response above that mentions -> "Note that NOC 1122 already has 336 (out of 500) completed applications received"....Does that mean that if the 500 figure is reached, then my application gets rejected or the same application is considered for the next year ?? Also, do I need to give the IELTS exam prior to applying or I can give the exam once I apply ? does my spouse also need to give the IELTS or its only me (i.e. the principal applicant)...please advise..thanks in advance..
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once the target of 500 is reached, the application is rejected.

IELTS from principle applicant must be included in application

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As Sharon has said, no further applications will be accepted once the cap is hit - UNLESS the applicant has a job offer in Canada. If the applicant has a job offer in Canada, he/she can still apply even after the cap has been reached.

If you send your application after the cap has been reached and don´t have a job offer in Canada, your application will be returned to you (they will not consider it for next year).

Applications sent without IELTS are returned as incomplete.

Note that the number of applications receive for noc 1122 is now at 365. You can see the number of applications received here:


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Does the "2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants" NOC Code fall within the 1122 ? I was trying to look for this code within the list of occupations. So basically trying to know if my application should fall under 1122 or 2171 (as someone suggested in one of the replies). thanks for all the replies. this helped a lot..
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NOC 2171 is not on the list of 29 occupations accepted for the Federal Skilled Worker program. If you want to apply using NOC 2171, then you need a job offer in Canada to qualify.
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