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Subject: RPRF Paid already
I have paid the RPRF (right for permanent residence fee)more than a month now,someone i know told me his wife went into last medical test 3 weeks after her,now she got Visa,how come we haven´t got any news yet,am trying to be patient but stressed and angry ..
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Is this for a spousal application?

If it is, then here´s no reason to be angry or stressed. It can take up to 8 weeks for the fee to be processed after you have paid it and notified CIC.

This is why many/most people pay the RPRF fee at the very beginning of the process along with the rest of their fees (to avoid the extra two month wait and to avoid delaying the processing of their file).

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I´ve heard about ppl paying both fees at the very beginning,only back then,i did´nt know we could pay RPRF even though at the very start of the process,thank u very much for taking the time to reply,it is really appreciated,god bless!

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