Need immigration advice as a Post graduate worker.

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Subject: Need immigration advice as a Post graduate worker.
  Hi all,

I am currently on a post graduate work permit expiring in about 8 months. I wish to apply for PR and do not qualify for Canadian Experience Class. Residing currently in Quebec with my mother, who herself applied for PR and was accepted in 2005 but they have not rendered the final decision as they are still awaiting security clearance and background check. As her case is stuck in a limbo, I was wondering how to apply considering a family member´s case is still in progress.

I could always extend my work permit, or apply for Quebec selection or apply as a skilled worker. I was asked to seek legal advice but I am wondering if anyone in my shoes or anyone else can offer some good advice.

Thank you,

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Does this apply to you?

Note: Foreign nationals such as refugee claimants in Canada and workers without status (undocumented) are not eligible to apply under CEC.

If not, CEC is the best shot. Get one year of skill work (One year of unskilled work NOC C and a promotion to NOC B, etc , NOC 0,A,B), pass IELT and gather tax stuff, letters from your employers and a credential.

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