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Subject: CBSA War Criminal Media Stunt
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When is a War Criminal, not a War Criminal?

When they have never been tried or convicted in a court of Law.

30 War Criminals (not suspected ones) in Canada.

One would logically think that if the Canadian government publicly displays a list of 30 War Criminals that these individuals would be wanted in their own countries.

That the Canadian government would be in touch with those countries governments to show that we are trying to bring their citizens who they feel are War Criminals to justice.

Two War Criminals on CBSA and CIC list are Peruvians. The government of Peru only learned of their two citizens being labelled War Criminals through the media. In the Toronto Star today the Peruvian government officials claim these two are not even being investigated for ANYTHING in Peru.

THEN WHEN YOU READ THE ARTICLE A LITTLE MORE THE JUSTICE SPOKESPERSON STATES "Justice department spokesperson Carole Saindon said the struggle against impunity for grave crimes is a global effort."

Global effort, LOL.

CBSA & CIC did not even inform any foreign government about their citizens who are being sought as War Criminals by Canada. Toronto Star


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convicted war criminals would be in jail or be inadmissible due to a criminal record.

Wanted on international warrants for suspected war crimes might be better terminology but as you know, our MSM is very lazy.

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Seems as if hola wants to advertise on this site or something. Hola you may not be interested in the conversation that Roy and or Sharon has ont the site however others may be & may find it inforamtive, entertaining or important, so what is the problem. If it is not of interest to you just ignore & do not read, you do not need to be rude about it. Just to make it clear I am just a regular visitor to the site & in no way affiliated with either party.

Have a nice day & stop being nasty please

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