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Subject: RE:Cross culture problem for my family

Thanks sharon, you know what?I never experience I gonna happen any situation like this. You know what, Sharon, maybe sounds so funny for you guys. Let??s say first or second year when I live in Canada. I like Canadian Caucasian girls, however not love. Don??t really think about long-term relationship. Once I hang out with them quite often. Actually I began love Caucasian girls.

I think my situation is not the worst. I believe people who are pending in CIC without any income in Canada and waiting outside country will be even worst than me.

You are right now Sharon; let??s solve one by one. I think I have confidence on that. Her parents are from Ontario, have no clue about what our young generation and they are wealthy, respect family back at the east, just come to Nanaimo for winter every year. We need more communication too.

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