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Subject: background checking
I am a Canadian citizen. I sponsored my husband in 2003 out of the syria office however the file was transfered to Telaviv Canadian Embassy office because my husband is palestinian who lives in Gaza. Since then, my husband has done his medical and policte certificate once again. Until now I did not hear from the immigration. I faxed immigration office and their reply was that file is pending completion of background checking.
My question please is how long does a background check takes? his file was transfered in May 2004 to TelAviv and if if his medical expired before secutity background is complete is that mean he has to redo his medical again? is background check will be requiered once again? or is background check is done once in this process? I am just confused and it is been taking a very long time for his immigration paper to be completed..I really miss him a lot Thanks for any advise you may have for me.

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i understand it nadia as i have been going through the same "miss alot" part. as far as backgroud check is concerned, becuz ur husband lives in the part of the country where there is a lot of voilence, probably they are taking this long. normally backgroud checks are done while the application is in process. i wonder if u have provided the police clearance already? and the worst thing is that yes, if they take this long, the medicals are going to expire, and ur husband will have to re-do them, becuz they have a validity of 1 year. somebody pls explain these candian immigration people to be a bit more human
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Canadian immigration officers are not trained to be humans. Actually, they are trained to be unfriendly with applicants from low-income countries involved in war. That´s their job.
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