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Subject: Work Permit in Canada (from US)
  Hi! I´m hoping some of you would know the answer to my question(s). I am a Canadian citizen. Five years ago, I married an American, and we have been living in the U.S. ever since. We are now contemplating moving back home to Winnipeg, but in order to do so, my husband would need to be able to work within a couple months of moving (ideally, he would have obtained employment BEFORE we´d move). Is there any way that we can apply for his work permit BEFORE moving to Canada? What procedures would we need to follow before moving, in order to enter Canada permenantly? Thanks for your help!
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Coule you please check your local labour market, and see if anybody is willing to hire you first, then you can apply for work permit. I wonder if American citizen needs HRDC process? maybe not
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I read that US Citizens can ask for their work permit at any port of entry in Canada.
Luis Andres
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