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Subject: NOC 4131 College and Other Vocational Instructors
I am a Pakistani applicant under MI1 and my NOC is [B]4131 College and Other Vocational Instructors.[/B]
I applied in December 2009, my application was received at CHC on 14 Jan 2010,120 days mail came with B reference on 5th March 2010. I sent them full application with all the documents and police certificates on 10th March 2010. Received 2nd AOR on 30 July 2010, saying that total time is 12 months and I should contact after 8 months if no progress is made. Contacted them in April 2011, and they sent me the backburner letter saying 425,000 and 144,000 remaining and will take 2 years to clear the backlog etc. My ecas status is showing "in process" but I know it is fake and actually not in process.
Things have changed a lot since then as life moves on. I came to Finland to do a master degree on a scholarship and had to leave my job. I had a son born in 2010. Here are a few things that I would like to ask the seniors.
1.My police certificates were issued from Lahore in November 2009 and if they ask for them again, it is impossible to obtain them without being our physical presence in Lahore Traffic Police´s office. They don´t have online application system and don´t accept postal requests. What I should do? For me, my wife and son to go there and apply for, is going to be very very expensive in terms of travel and airline tickets. I have asked for Pakistani Embassy but they don´t offer any help to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate.
2.I sent them my son´s birth certificate and a cover letter requesting them to include him in my application as a travelling dependant. I filled in the fees form and included my credit card details and agreed to pay $150 for my son to be included in the application. No response from them and they have not deducted money from my credit card.(Visa Credit Card issued in Finland)What I should do?
3.I have made several written requests to send me and my wife´s original qualification and academic certificates because we need them to study further and to apply for jobs but they are not going to respond to these requests and neither they are returning the original academic certificates for me and my wife.What I should do? Can it go against us if we repeatedly ask for the return of our academic certificates? There is clearly no fixed date when they will send us the medical request and we cannot wait for our academic documents forever.
4.I am not sure if I have passed their eligibility review?????I have checked with my employers and they have not yet confirmed my employment details. What is going on? Background checks mean verifying employment history from a credible source and verifying education certificates. Right? Do I have a positive eligibility review or not at this stage? I want to make sure that it is a matter of when and not a matter of if. Please advise.
5.Can they discriminate against us because we belong to the old skilled list and my job does not qualify under the newest ministerial instructions? Can they make us wait forever?
Please advise.

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