pls give me advice !!!

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Subject: pls give me advice !!!
  hi, I am kristal presently working here in Canada for 1 yr, and I´m planning to go for Philippines to get married, my question is, my status here in Canada in my working permit is single, then after married if I change my status in the Philippines from single to married how will affected to my work place in Canada specially my working permit and immigration when the time I return in canada????? Do i have any difficulties when I´m coming back in Canada specially in Immigration??????????? If there is difficulties because of my status what is the solution for that???
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Hi Kristal,
Congratulations for your wedding!
You need not worry about your status in canada at all. After your wedding, bring along your marriage certificate too. Since you can also file open work permit for your spouse as you already hold a work permit, there will be no issues. Just in case as a security measure, get a letter from your company that you would be on leave for specific days, and are away for your marriage. This will help in immigration and also if your spouse has to apply for his visa.
I´m not a legal advisor, but have been in the same boat. It did work for me.

All the Best!

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