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Subject: Vitorelli Pt 4
  Now we finally get to the bottom of it. You are not angry with Canada - you are angry with yourself.

If it sounds too good to be true - think twice. I am shocked, especially when processing drags on for 2-3 years that applicants send in their forms and never give it another thought beyond how rich they are going to be... how they are going to have great jobs and how easy life is going to be. They never do any additional research, never take an english class and never check if the world economy has tanked in the interim.

Think of immigration as a marathon race. The guys that win are the guys that prepare. Envisioning the finish line is not sufficient.

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Sounds like a personality disorder to me.

Why do some people blame others and claim to be victims?

Is it becouse of their stubborn refusal to take responsibility by blaming others for their inability to change and adapt?

There comes a point in every man and woman´s life where they have to come to grips with life experiences and take responsibility for themselves.

Waste life playing the blame game. Don´t expect a very good life!

o.k (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
Sharon: I came here speaking 7 languages already, what I meant by saying that I did not do enough research has to do with all the job situation.
The way immigration consultants portray Canada overseas is very phony. When you speak to canadians, they tend to be in delusion and just say ´good things about Canada´. I learned later on in my life that they are this way because of their social and educatonal conditining. However, like I had mentioned before: internet resources were not too availabe and allow myself to trust guys like Roy that just care for the money they put in their pockets.
Angry at myself: I don´t think so, I take it as a life experience.
Angry at Canada: I don´t think so either. I have learned that things are what they are but it is my responsability to share my experience with some other people , so they know what they may be facing once they get here.
One thing I was quite surprised once I got here is the amount or underlined racism that there is out there.
Canadians like to pretend that they are different than american people, but I would say that they only difference is that they are less blunt with how they express their racism. Other than that, it is the same shit in a different pile.

BTW (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
Sharon: you are so stereotypical: " You are so angry" such a Canadiana cliche to try shut up people that like to challenge your intelect.

Another point I want to make:
I know that if I want to get a better job : I must take certain certifications: I highly disagree with the idea of getting in debt in order to get your canadian certification. I have done some schooling in here and no offense but your fees are too high for the quality that you get. IT IS ALL A PUBLICITY SCAM!

Pete ( personality disorder) (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
You think I have a personality disorder for being outgoing..LOL! I don´t know if you live in Vancouver but I welcome you to come to see how the average Vancouverite behave: deffensive, antisocial, egotistic, "shy", etc.
At least I will not have to end up marrying myself or my pet out of loneliness.
When you believe that Yoga is the panacea of your life, then you must have some kind of personality disorder.

RIOTING YOUR CITY (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
Rioting your city becuase the local hockey team lost a game has more to do with a personality disorder.
STUPID SNOBISH bikers than do not respect pedestrians of the side walk out of an enviroment protecter ego seems to be more ilogical and disrespectful than expressing your views.
Poeple who can´t even move to the rear of a bus out of selfishness and blaming transit for the "lack of buses", seems more ilogical to me.
I can keep going if you want me... Mr "NORMAL".

To wrap it all up! (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
Expressing "socially acceptable ideas" or thoughts and lack of capability to express things for what they are, create a lot of personality disorders. Fortunately I come from a culture where I was not conditioned to say that "everything is great and amazing" when I don´t feel that way. I know I come accross as the opposite extreme, but I do it just as a way to challenge your stereotypical ,old fashion british colonial mentality.
Have a great night... I just came back from the beach and ready to have good sex, wine and food.

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Vitorelli you are ridiculous. Once again, if you worked hard, and spent the same amount of time you spend in this forum mouthing off, bashing canada, spewing racial hatred you might have something going for you.

My best friend is an immigrant, she speaks 3 languages, english is not her native language, but she moved here in grade 8 and studied hard. Her family came with two suitcases from a war torn country. Fast forward 12 years. They own a house in a beautiful neighbourhood worth about 500,000 maybe more. Her parents own their own business. She has a university degree, and she has almost finished paying off her student loans.

My brother in-law, no where near perfect english. Immigrated here long after he had finished school, and university. He is an accountant, but would have to go back to school, because his qualifications don´t count here. He has 3 children, so that wasn´t viable. He spent a year or two learning a trade in the construction business. He now owns his own company and employs an entire team.

The difference between you and these people. These people understand that things don´t come for free. They don´t whine when life is tuff, they stick it out and work hard.

You really need to grow up, and realize no one is going to give you a freebie, especially with the horrible attitude you have. Your negativity, and lazyness is hindering you from fulfulling your potential.

Sharon (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
O.k BITCHES 9/11 documentaries are more interesting than your shit talk.
Sharon: I don´t blame you to believe thant Vancouver is a very inclusive City. After all you have admited yourself to have never got out of your comfort zone moving to another country or region where don´t speak english.
You experiences are very limited.

(in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
You are right, I have never left my ´comfort zone´ because there has never been a compelling enough offer that could possibly be better than what I have now. My family is here, my friends are here, I have a great job and the surroundings are not too shabby either!

Does that mean my experience is limited? Hell no. It just means I have seen enough and experienced enough to know when it is time to not complain about the small stuff and to be thankful for what I have.

anyways (in reply to: Vitorelli Pt 4)
I do understand part of your predicament, however when it comes to certain aspects of how you come accross, it does show that you have never left this town.

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