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Subject: Time Window for answering.
  Hi All,
My Client Application Status on the Canadian Immigration website says:

Permanent Residence
We received your application for permanent residence on October 21, 2010.

I submitted my application in Pakistan, where I am currently residing.

My question is, if for example I go out of country for vacation for 1 month (1 Oct - 30 Oct), and lets say in the meantime Canadian Immigration office sends me some update/letter about my application, while I am not in the country, would that be a problem? If I don´t reply to their letter, but only when I am back would that affect my application or delay it in some way other than those 30 days during which I am out of country?

Does anybody know what is the maximum time frame during which one HAS to or MUST reply to the sent letter(s) or else it would adversely affect the application?

It would be very helpful if someone could precisely tell me about the max time frame/window within which the applicant must reply or give update.

For example, i have heard the step in my case would be that I will have to provide them the medical results again, i.e. i will have to take the medical test again. Secondly, I will have to send them my passport etc. If someone could shed some light in this direction that would also be very great?!

Thank you very much indeed!

Regards fsm.

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I think it is 90 days
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