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Subject: immigration case inquiry
  Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Hira Qureshi and I am writing to request information about my immigration case .I got married to a Canadian nation and have submitted my case in April 2011 for immigration .i want to inquire about my status of the process.
My husband has planned to visit Pakistan in January 2012 and to take me there with him in case i get a visa, would It be possible to call me for interview before January ? ,

And the reason y I want to come there early because I have a plan to get admission in start of coming year 2012 .

So I respectfully request you to grant me visa and would be very fortunate to get a positive response from you .

Looking forward for your reply.

Hira Qureshi
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Who do you think your posting this too?

Check out processing times is 24 months for Pakistan. Your better off updating your file to show a bond between the two of you.


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hira jee,
app ko agar mississauga office say manzoori mill gayee hay, tu aap islamabad walou say rabita karian.
yeh sirif aik forum hay aur iss ka canadian immigration department say kie taaluq nahee hay.
apnay husband say boolian kay apnay elakay kay memeber parliment say baat karay, wo aap ka kaam jaldi kerwaa saktay hain.

Need Canada Visa For Disability Treatment (in reply to: immigration case inquiry)
Respected Sir / Madam,

i am from Pakistan and have disability (polio) and i want free treatment in Canada, kindly tell me what is the requirements for visa application and how i apply it,i can also provide my all medical reports, just i want free treatment in Canada

Best Regards,

Fayaz Sialvi
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