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Subject: settlement funds and assets
hi. need help re:settlement funds. are assets part of the settlement funds? based on the form, it reads that settlement funds are funds that are readily available. and my frend told me only that assets are still part of your settlement funds. is this correct?
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Settlement funds are designed to assist you once you arrive in Canada with housing, furniture, food and other living expenses until you can establish yourself and earn a pay check.

So... if you have assets back home that you have no intention of touching -like a house... well, they are no use to you in Canada and should not be included.

How much cash can you put your hands on in a hurry to assist your settlement efforts - That is what they want to know and they will likely ask to see it in some form before you arrive- or when you arrive, so there is no point pretending there is cash there and arrive with nothing.

The first 6 months of immigrant is tough and expensive.


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