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Subject: Vitorelli - your new reality
  you have been bitching and whining about how Canada is a rip off, a disappointment, a con job, how hard it is to find meaningful work and to get ahead. All Canada wants is to take your money in taxes.

Well, guess what honey. You think itīs bad here? Try going home. Italy just had its debt rating lowered because its citizens have been living like drunken sailors and not paying the bills (taxes) for so long the country is broke. The new reality in Italy is going to make Canada look like paradise.

It´s time to stop bitching.

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Made my morning, LOL
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Where the bambino go?

I never was an irresponsable citizen (in reply to: Vitorelli - your new reality)
I have complained about Canada but I have never been an irresponsable citizen wherever I have lived.
Things are certainly becoming worrisome everywhere.
I am going to happily relax and sip a glass of wine to witness the fallout of greedy capitalism. At least one advantage of living in a country with a population of 31 million people and lots of resources will allow me to survive longer to see the chaos unless climate change freezes my ass to death.

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