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Subject: Legal Issue
  I have been going through this website for quite some time now and i really find these posts really interesting.

Well my husband and myself just applied for Canadian PR and we have in this respect already made our application to Paris for obtaining the CSQ.

Well my husband and myself are well qualified and experienced in the field of finance and we have enough points for obtaining our Canadian PR.

However, my husband was cautioned in England (during his study there)for the possession of illegal drugs (around 1g) for personal use. He was then bailed out but he eventually obtained his two years of work permit eventually in England after this issue.

I was just wondering whether this can prove to be negative for our application.

Thanking you in advance for your response

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You should of already informed CIC by answering yes to question 6 (b) of Schedule A form.

Contact the authorities in England to see if there is a record of the offence or if there was a conditional typye sentence.


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Thank you so much for your response and help Roy... Believe me, it is of big help to me.... Really and Highly appreciated...

I just hope that there are no negative impact on our application as I am the main applicant and this issue took place in 2007 and i think that any offence committed is recorded for a lapse of time of 5 years.

Thank you sooooo much again for your help :)

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Furthermore, i have also been told that for CSQ purposes, they do not require any police certificate or watsoever....

It is only the relevant visa office which needs such documentations and my main worry for the moment is whether i will be able to obtain my CSQ. But i am not fully aware of the lapse of time it normally takes to obtain a CSQ from Paris :(

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Everyone is cautioned once in a while.

Why doesn´t he have a hard look at his police certificate?

If it shows, it shows. If it doesn´t, why worry?

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Cautioned and being charged are two totally different things Anonymous **.233.244.253

WHY WORRY. Applicant would not have posted if he/she was not worried. If he does not mention it he is in violation to question 6b he was BAILED OUT. Why?

Why was there a need for bail? Was he ever taken in front of a Judge/Court room?

Each country has their own laws the issue is what will the charge be equated to under Canadian Law.


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Thank you so much Anonymous and Roy for your responses.

In fact my husband and i have not started the application to the canadian visa office yet as for this we need to have the CSQ first and see if we are eligible or not for Canada as skilled workers.

The next step will be to eventually apply to the nairobi visa office.

My husband was cautioned but he was not taken in front of a Judge or court room.

Even after this issue, UK provided him with an additional work permit of 2 more years.

Well i just wanted to know whether this mistake of his will have a negative impact on our application or not as I am the main applicant and we are both well educated and well experienced.

Thanking you once again for having responded to my query.

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Go after your UK Police Clearance Certificate and if nothing there then smile


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