Im refugee outside Canada, looking for sponsor

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Subject: Im refugee outside Canada, looking for sponsor
Good morning, today I found this site, so I decided to write to solicit respectfully your advice or information on institutions or organizations that can provide support or sponsorship in Ontario for a refugee to travel to Canada, the reason I want to do this trip is because in my country, thank God my wife and I managed to successfully complete a university degree Having graduated in 2005 (I) and 2007 (she) and thank God we had achieved professional success, the result of our work responsible and honest. From the Year 2000 to 2010 my work was directed to the Legal Advise and the Fight Against Corruption. Our situation changed from overnight due to the discovery, dislocation and imprisonment of persons belonging to groups of organized crime who are interested in physically eliminated and we could not have the support of our government to protect our lives. Already we are refugees outside Canada and we want to move to live there. For some time I looking for information about this and according to what I can read Web pages visited, I meet the requirements of the law to be eligible for the resettled in this country, however this requires that the Application has the endorsement or sponsorship of an established organization there, which I could not find or contact to tell them the whole details about my case. We are willing to work hard and with enthusiasm as we have always done and our effort to contribute to the development of Canada. Therefore, I look forward to your kind reply. Without further ado I subscribe carefully.

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just out of curiosity, which country were you from?
i refugee outside canada looking sponsor (in reply to: Im refugee outside Canada, looking for sponsor)
Dear Sir/Madam;
With regard to the above subject, I here by coming to your responsibility in order to request for resettlement in your country. AS a matter of fact, I am a Congolese refugee from DRC/south-kivu; living in Nairobi/Kenya since 2010. Beside ,I am married, and father of four children. Upon my arrival, in Nairobi I submitted to UNHCR and was granted a mandete.(recognizing my refugee state a few years). My file number is NCODoo7351/1
my refugee card number for the government is 714403. I would like to get your email address so that I may attach my all story of my life for furthrer details on what happened to me in my country and what is happening to me here in Kenya.Hope good response. thanks.

Masemo wakibogo
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am an Ethiopian refuge,living in nairobi, kenya since january 2016 am looking sponser.
samuel tesfaye
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