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Subject: Retired and wanting to move to Canada
  I am a 68 year old American citizen...born in the USA. I am retired and have a modest pension...enough for me to live comfortably on.I would like to move to Canada to live with my girlfriend who is a Canadian citizen...born in Canada. What do I need to do to make this happen? Also how would the move affect my health would I be able to get health care in Canada.

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in order for you to access Canadian health care etc. your lady must sponsor you. She can do that if you are married or if you have been living common law for a year.

She would have to first be approved as sponsor - if you are still living in the US, that process would take about 45 days. Then, you are assessed to see if your qualify. That takes another 8 - 12 months to complete. At that point, you could move to Canada and apply for medical coverage.

Seems like a lot of hassle, doesn´t it.

Other option, forget immigration... you do the snowbird thing. 6 months in each country. no paperwork required. Private medical insurance for the time you are not at home.

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I am 68 retired person cover by medicare and private insurance and want to reside in Canada
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