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  The whole immigration department is in need of an overhaul. for the most part I donít blame the individual people at CIC. Its the government leaders who are at fault and Harper is the main problem. This Harper Government plays tricks with smoke and mirrors by deporting a few PR on criminality and revokes the citizenship of a few people just to divert the attention and make it look like his government is cracking down on fraud. Harper plays the average Canadian for the fool. The average Canadian who has no idea about the immigration process. So they cheer and think he is wonderful. When in really he is just putting on a show!
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Please vote the right leader in the next election, thank you.
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next election is 4 years away.
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Smoke and Mirrors examples that will cost the Canadian Tax payers tens of thousands.

First on my list is more stringent Language requirements for applicants applying for Citizenship. Some may say but.... Citizenship applicants should speak basic English or French and I agree. Speaking English or French at a basic level is one thing taking a test and passing the test is a totally another can of worms.

How difficult will the test be? IELT´s test refuses applicants who think this is proper English.

"The cost of Living has increased".

Not proper English.

Let´s say half of Citizenship applicants put off applying due to the Language requirements. At 225,000 per year that is a huge number. That number would grow every single year.

If just a few more Permanent Residents get charged and convicted of a criminal offence the whole CBSA/IRB system backs up. Add this to the Conservatives new strick rules on obtaining a Pardon.

When someone gets convicted CBSA gets informed and may request a Ministers Delegate Review.

CBSA may send that Permanent Resident to an admissibility hearing in which they will be ordered deported.

Automatic right of appeal as long as they were not convicted of an offence in which they could not receive more than a ten year sentence or where confined for more than six months. (18 year old convicted of B&E can not appeal)

Then he/she will be probably be given a (Stay of Removal) for one to three years because the IAD does not have sufficient hearing rooms to deal with the vast amount of PR convicted for minor but what CBSA calls serious criminality that may have happened decades before.

Because of these Smoke and Mirror actions really bad guys convicted of really horrendous crimes will NOT be removed because the CBSA/CIC Staff will be too busy elsewhere.

Too many decent PR´s who may have pleaded guilty 10 years ago to get the matter over with after being involved in a Bar fight will be ordered deported. Remember we all grow up and change.


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