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Subject: Boyfriend being deported
  He comes from Kenya, so I do plan on visiting when he goes back, but both our lives are here now so I had not considered moving permanently at this point. Right now he is looking at an exclusion order so I am still hoping he will be able to return in a year or so. (There is a report on his file that they could use to go for a deportation order, but they have not done so yet).

He has not asked me to marry him, although that is what we both want in the future. As Roy said, marriage has to be for all the right reasons, and this isn´t the circumstance I was hoping to get married under. But if we have no other options, we may have to go that route.

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From a CIC perspective you have likely waited too long to get married ´in Canada´. There is very little chance that it would not appear to be to avoid deportation.

Unfortunately, the long and painful route might be your best route to success. Marry him, either in Canada or in Kenya, and then come back alone to Canada and begin the sponsorship process.

The best shot you have is for him to be cooling his heels in Kenya while the application is processed.

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