Inland H&C immigration application-A good option?

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Subject: Inland H&C immigration application-A good option?
  Hi All,

Has anyone had applied or is planning to sponsor his/her parents in Canada via Humanitarion and Compassionate grounds´ Immigration application?

I would highly appreciate if you guys can share your knowledge and experience and help me with my mother´s case. She is here on a visit visa and I plan to submit an H&C application for her

I was also thinking of hiring a lawyer for m mother´s case but 2 way opinions got me confused.
I understand that lawyer doesn´t do much than just present your case and documents in a better way to the immigration office. I would never think of hiring a lawyer but since it´s a H&C case, I think presentation of the case would matter a lot.

I know a few people who have got successful immigration cases via lawyers but haven´t come across anyone who´s had an experience with a lawyer in specifically H&C application so I´d appreciate if someone can recommend a lawyer who has good reputation with specifically H&C cases.

The best of all feedbacks would be if anyone has had submitted a H&C application by himself and got successful results. In that case I would be really grateful if he/she can share the tips/format used for his/her cover letter.

Another thing that confuses me is the timelines. I´ve found huge differences in timelines in different posts. Is there an average timeline for such cases?

Thank you very much for your time taken to read this thread. all replies will be highly appreciated.


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You posted here that you want to hear from individuals that claim they have done their own successful H&C application.

Well expect a flood of testimonials as to how easy it is to win an H&C application.

Not one will be able to be corroborated.

Under 3% of H&C applications are approved. In-Land Spousals are not included in those statistics.

You are posting on a forum that I frequent and prove that I am successful with many various types of H&C applications including parental H&C´s. Mostly the media write about my H&C successes.

If you decide to pay someone for advice and assistance you need to understand the concept of compassionate applications. The applicants (aka parents) have to have an Unusual, Undeserved or Disproportionate Hardship that was not anticipated in the Act or regulations and beyond their control.

The only persons you can "legally pay" to assist you are LSUC Paralegals, lawyers who are members of a provincial Law Society or ICCRC members.

Now which one to retain.

Just like when you renovate your house or finish your basement get references. Get referrals, ask a ton of questions as to how they intend to prove your parents are deserving. Do not be swayed by a fancy car, nice suit, grand office.

These are your parents, do your homework and may you be successful.


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if you are just applying h & C to save your time, then you will get refusal letter within weeks.
But she really has hardship and other conditions as explained in the application guide, then may be they will look into your case.
read h & c in details in IRB manuals.
timeline could be from 12 moths to 12 years or more!!!!!!!!!!

best way sponsor her , apply overseas.

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Your mother should go back home and apply from abroad like everyone else. The first problem is that you guys already lied. Your mom was admitted in good faith as a thrust and now you are planning on an HC application?

HC for the most part are not a good idea. Your chances on wining are less than 2%. Likely you are gng to get is your mother deported and make things worse.

Apply from outside of Canada.

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The Operational Manuals for H&C are the CIC manuals.

The Immigration and Refugee Board can look at H&C factors for certain appeals but H&C in this area is totally CIC´s domain.

Since this is an In Land application one needs to look at the Inland Processing Manuals IP%5 for H&C found here.

Wish you all the luck.


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