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Subject: Credit for Immigrants
I have been scrolling through some posts on here and have noticed people saying that immigrants have to pay deposits on utilities, phone and internet services, is this true and what do they normal charge?

My partner will be working in a full time permanent job with a good wage, does this matter to them or is it all about us not having any credit rating.

Also we both have monthly contract mobile in the UK. How easy it it to get them in Canada as in the UK they do credit searches.

Cars: We have a car in the UK but it is only a little banger so really not worth paying to ship it. We will need to purchase one as soon as we arrive but funds wont allow us to pay in full, is car credit easy to get for immigrants and if not can anyone suggest where to look for a half decent cheap runaround.

Also with regards to proof of funds, how much will they expect to see in our account. As i stated my partner will be working and we will only be coming over 7 days before he starts and he gets his first wage two weeks after his start date. We are a family of 4, 2 children 5 & 1 years old.

Thanks :o)

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Anyone, not just immigrants, without any sort of credit
history or Canadian credit card needs to pay in advance for utilities etc.

Usually a couple of months worth of regular charges so that the company can discover you have not paid, cut you off and not lose any money in the process.

I would not ship your car.

Go to a credit union where you intend to settle. They tend to be more accommodating of new Canadians and understand the challenges you are facing.

As for proof of funds - CIC is going to want to see what you declared as settlement funds on your application or at least 2-3 months of cash to get your settled.

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Yeah new immigrants are discriminated by having to put $1000 deposit in credit cards or cell phone, while foreign students (who rarely have jobs) can have credit cards easily. Oh yeah I´ve been there....
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berg, you are full of shit.

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Scotiabank has a no fees credit card for skilled worker.
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Cheers for that info guys and also using my post as a way to insult people, glad i could assist you,
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