Married Outside - Sponsorship in process - TRV?

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Subject: Married Outside - Sponsorship in process - TRV?

I apologize if is this has been discussed previously., but would like to hear some inputs on this matter>
I´ve been in a long distance relationship for 3 years(Brazil - Canada). My boyfriend is coming to visit me in December and we plan to get married. He will return to Canada and start the sponsorship process (the docs are all ready). I will stay in Brazil, since I work and still have duties to perform. We´ve been separated for far too long, and we´d want to know if while the sponsor process is running, if I would be able to apply for a TRV to visit him and what would be the possibility to have it granted.
We will apply from outside, and even though its faster, I would like to visit him during the process.


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I would not hold out a lot of hope. Too many people before you have not bothered to go home after their ´visit´.

Make sure you application is clean and complete in the same way a lawyer would present evidence at a trial. I am not joking. That will help your application go as quickly as possible.

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