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Subject: CIC address
  Has anyone had any problem sending the application of a common law sponsorship to the Mississauga address @
Spouses, common-law or conjugal partner and dependent children:
CPC Mississauga
P.O. Box 3000, Station A
Mississauga, ON
L5A 4N6

I have DHL saying the address is incorrect.

Thanks for any help


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Mississauga CPC has a postal box address and Courier companies can not deliver to a post office Box.

See here

You couriered it here,

CPC Mississauga
P.O. Box 3000, Station A
Mississauga, ON
L5A 4N6

This is the addresses the web site said to mail it. You sent it by DHL.

Tell them to send it here.

Courier address (no public drop-offs)
2 Robert Speck Parkway,
Suite 1200
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 1H8
Fax: 905-803-7392

I sure hope there are no more bumps in the road for your CL Sponsorship. If you´re living here and your CL partner is living in some other country it could be serious problems.

If your both living together here you probably mailed your application to the wrong processing centre.


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Thank you for your reply.
I have given instructions now so that DHL can deliver our application to the courier address @ Robert Speck Parkway.
My partner (Canadien Citizen) and I live together in Spain, we hope to move to Canada when my PR is granted.
Hopefully we sent it to the correct address, after all the work we put into completing the application, not having it sent at the correct address would just be to upseting...


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In three months or so, once you get confirmation that your file is in your Visa Post you need to act.

Get him to come back to Canada ASAP or you will be refused. He needs to show some evidence that he has returned to Canada and is in the process of establishing a (nest) home for you.

That will ensure your application will not be kicked for an interview if you have submitted sufficient evidence to establish your relationship.

Wedding reception hall booked, employment letter, lease etc. are all examples they would like to see.


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Hi, really nice to actually hear something more concrete, so far it has been so confusing, thank you for that.
He does have a house in Canada, maybe that is proof enough that we have a home over there. We both work in aviation undustry and hopefully he will get the letter of employment in 3 months time.
Once again, thank you.


File Number (in reply to: CIC address)
good morning everyone ,

i got my file number last April 2011, but because of what is happening in Syria, until now no news , i try hard to follow up my file number on-line in cic but is not working , so please can somebody help me

Thank you

spousal sponsorship (in reply to: CIC address)
I´ve passed our papers sept. 18, 2014 it says online it has been received at CPC office by sept. 19 . Right now it´s january 10, 2015! I haven´t received any file number Im totally freaking out! :´( I have two friends with the same situation trying to get their spouse outside canada and they already got their file number after 2months that they submitted their papers. Ive been trying to call CIC but it won´t let me speak with an agent. I´m so frustrated!
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