Immigration selection changes.

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Subject: Immigration selection changes.
  Jason Kenney running around listening to all the wrong advisers.

The changes to the IRPR regulations regarding the selection procedures will do more to eliminate any potential applicants then select the best. Do you believe that future applicants will be all admitted within a year?

What advanced level of listening and speaking skills does a cook, welder, plumber, carpenter, crane operator or electrician require? Applicants who can communicate effectively enough to do their job should be the test for acceptance.

Who is actually responsible for marriage fraud??? The Sponsor (He/She) should have known better but this is not a huge problem. The Sponsor and the Visa Officer should have done their due diligence.

How rampart are marriages of convenience??? Well how many have thirty or forty thousand to pay for a bogus marriage. Convict one Sponsor and get Visa Officers to interview both to virtually eliminate the practice.

This week will not be a good week.


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