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Subject: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake
  He is from the USA and has been here in Canada on and off since he was 14 years old.
He cannot get any work due to not have citizenship and now after a year and some change, they tell me that I have to apply for sponsorship for him which will take approx another year and some change.

We were ready to apply for the sponsorship when I was advised that he would qualify for his citizenship due to me being a canadian citizen. I got my citizenship in 2006 due to my mom being Canadian and did not have to be sponsored for it.

They are now stating after a year that due to me not being a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth, that he wouldn´t qualify, contradictory from what I was advised when first started the whole process.

When I first spoke to Immigration Canada, we discussed my status and I was advised that Eric (my son) would qualify for citizenship card and without having to be sponsored.

When he was 14, he got removed from the school system due to my citizenship status at that time, unknown to me that I wasn´t a Canadian. I then began my citizenship process. I thought I was a Canadian due to living and attending school here in Canada my whole childhood.

Now my child is in a unbalanced world of not being able to grow up like most of his friends that got jobs, got their own apartment, buy their own food etc... He is left in limbo of not being able to do anything at all with his young adulthood life but wait for immigration to give the correct information.

I don´t even know what the correct info is now due to being told one thing over a year ago and now being told that whomever who gave me that info (which immigration canada doesn´t want to give me this info) was wrong. There was a injustice made that day and we are the one suffering for their mistake.

When we, the working joe smoe, make a mistake, the government makes sure we pay for our mistakes but why can they put a young life on hold, string them along (because they kept telling us that he was in the final stage of the process) just to deny him right to live. It is a injustice of human rights as we know it due to wrongful information given well over a year ago.

We are desperate, we need help to resolve this matter for his future. As it stands he has no future, only a past. Please help us with our fight. If we wouldn´t have been given the wrong info from the start we wouldn´t be in this situation, he would at the very least have a working visa of some sort. These are years that he cannot get back and it´s the Immigration of Canada´s fault.

Petition (in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
We´ve got a petition going for him at

The more people we get to sign the more chances we are to succeed for him living in Canada and working like he deserves after 21 months of being told he was going to get his papers.

I´ll be posting the story that I wrote for the media in a few minutes. We also have a facebook group started for this cause which I will also be posting in a few mins.

We need help. We need to change this injustice made. When we as regular citizen makes a mistake, the Gov makes sure we pay it back. Lets make them pay for their mistake. All we are asking for is for them to right the wrong they did so long ago. Thanks for reading. It will get longer as I post more thank you all.

a msg from our neighboor (in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
This is from our Neighboor. Love Canada, this is the kind of Neighbbors everyone wishes to have. ( I left his name out)

To whom it may concern,

I have had the great privilege of meeting the Marsh Family. I consider them to be friends and neighbours.

I am writing this letter as I believe a miscarriage of justice is taking place, with specific regards to a Canadian father, Keith Marsh and his son Eric, who was born in United States.

Approximately, 1 year and 9 months ago, Keith Marsh, contacted the appropriate Governmnent office regarding Citizenship for his son Eric. Unaware of the specific logistics of such a process, Mr. Marsh, relying on the diligence and proficiency of said Government employees, was advised to follow the “Citizenship” process and not the “Sponsorhip” process, that he initially thought. Additionally, Mr. Marsh was advised it could take some time, but to be patient. Keith and his son Eric, were both elated that the process was underway and Eric especially was looking forward to the day his Citizenship papers arrived, at which point he would have the opportunity to become gainfully employed and have that sense of independence, we all strived for, at his age.

Within a matter of weeks of Erics´ 21st birthday, sadness struck the family, as a letter did arrive from the Citizenship office, but; enclosed, was not Erics´ Citizenship, rather; a short note, (30 seconds worth) indicating the “Citizenship” process, was not the correct avenue to be taking, despite the clear and concise directions, Mr. Marsh was told to follow, 1 year and 9 months earlier.

As a matter of principle, I would expect the respective office, to accept an error was made, on their side and expedite a “work permit” for Eric, so he can, at very least, become employed, while another process gets underway if necessary. Eric has expressed sadness, that such an error has not only halted, a year and 9 months of his life, but; the promised, proverbial pot of gold, did not come to fruition.

To similarly reiterate, the proverbial dangling carrot, was hanging in front of Eric and his Father, by a Government Office, that clearly and concisely told them what to do. Both Father and Son, complied, believing the information they were given was, accurate and true. A few times, within the year and nine months, Eric called in anticipation, to ask if they could give him an idea as to when his Citizenship would arrive. At no point, on the phone, did anyone advise Eric or his Father, the Citizenship was not going to arrive.

I was appalled, when I heard the news, and seeing the sadness in the eyes of both Eric and his Father, I felt compelled to assist in any way I could. I contacted the Moncton office of the Federal MP Robert Goguin and spoke to Steven Therrian. He has yet to get back to me, other than a previous conversation, where he stated he wasn´t sure there was anything he could do to assist. When I asked him for the contact information of whom he spoke to, at the Citizenship office, he indicated the numbers and names were private and not for public use, so; at this stage I have no contact information or referrals, hence; the reason for contacting yourself, and all others this may be cc´d to.

There is a 800 number for the Citizenship Office call-centre, but it is practically impossible to get through, because there is no queue and are told to call back. I myself, tried more than 20 times to get through, to no avail.

I worked in several facets of the social field for over 20 years and can assure you, all mandates include “Family Unity”.

If this matter is not resolved expeditiously, it would be clearly a form of punishment and cruelty, violating our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, of which I hold closely, as a Canadian, myself.

I dare say, this would also cross into an abuse of power, if not expedited. The last I heard, we had a democracy that, with the foundation of our Charter, protects the rights of all.

In Summary, I would simply ask that your sense of honour direct you to view the whole picture, as it affects this family and get the message to the Citizenship office, that it is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes, but; it is not acceptable to make such a grave error, and do nothing to correct it.

We are speaking of peoples´ lives here, so; let´s do the right thing and correct the error that was made and we can then, all of us, continue on that journey of harmony, within a country we all want to believe is fair and just.

(in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
Sometimes it is advisable to read the guides or hire an authorized representative to assist you.

On April 17, 2009, the rules changed for people born outside Canada. Citizenship by birth outside Canada to a Canadian parent (citizenship by descent) is now limited to the first generation born outside Canada.

This means that, in general, children born outside Canada to a parent who was a Canadian citizen at the time of birth will only be Canadian at birth if:

the parent was born in Canada, or
the parent became a Canadian citizen by immigrating to Canada (becoming a permanent resident) and being granted citizenship (also known as naturalization)*.


(in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
WOW a 14 year old that wants to work! Not my kid.

Whom advised you that he would be eligible for Citizenship?

Being a man I know we are very reluctant to read instructions or a map but don´t panic sponsoring a child is very fast. Just read the guide this time and forget the petition no one really cares when your in the wrong.


(in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
The son is 21 now is his father still able to sponsor him
(in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
**.226.115.122 Anonymous very aggressive question.

Here is a situation as I see it. 14 years old or 21 years old the son/child has to meet the Act and the Regulations required for PR status. Read the regulations, act and the manuals regarding what is and isn´t a dependent child. If junior fits apply.

Dad started the process at 14 and now the son is 21 years of age! Now the Dad screwed up by taking the DIY Do It Yourself approach and now wants to complain about his mistakes and blame others?

His kid if one reads the posts correctly has not been in school since the age of 14 if indeed he is now 21 is something to hang ones head in shame instead of blaming others.


SUMMARY (in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
The U.S citizens, Keith and Eric Marshal came to Canada some 7 year ago.

Born in 1990, Eric Marshal started school, but could no longer attend due to his immigration status.

His father started citizenship process and received his certificate of citizenship in 2006.

About one year and a half ago, an application for Eric´s citizenship (shoulda woulda) was submitted.

Being second generation born outside Canada, he got no cigar.

A young man in limbo, cannot work, get a cash job!

Start sponsorship NOW while you can, otherwise after his 22nd birthday, he might have to apply on his own if he does not meet certain requirements as a dependent child and has a spouse.

FROM EYES OF CIC (in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
Somebody is practically a U.S citizen in Canada without a work permit or study permit.
please help (in reply to: Immigration Canada made a 21month mistake)
i was infome that to contenue to stay in canada as a worker is to apply as refugee and i did how to correct this
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