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Subject: alberta health during papers in process
hi there..i would like to ask if its possible to have the alberta health care while my papers are on process? how long will it usually take to process open work permit? thank u
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3. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has granted me "implied" status. Does this mean my AHCIP coverage will continue?

No, a designation of "implied" status does not qualify you to maintain your AHCIP coverage. A new Canada entry document is required for your coverage to continue.

While waiting in Alberta for a new work, study or visitor* permit, or confirmation of permanent residency, you may be eligible for a one time only temporary extension of health care insurance coverage. Contact us before the expiration date of your Canada entry document.

*Note: not all visitor’s permits qualify the permit holder for AHCIP coverage. Eligibility will be determined upon review of the application and accompanying documents.

You may wish to purchase Visitor to Canada Insurance – available from private insurance companies – if you are physically present in Canada but not eligible for AHCIP coverage.


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