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  I hope some one can answer my question here, i sponsered my spouse in April 2011, i got a letter on May 18, 2011 that my application was approved and the file was forwarded to the visa office in Havana, i received a letter on September 18, 2011 telling me to pay the Right of Landed fees, which i did immediately, i payed online, printed the reciept and faxed it to the office in Missiauga, still to date we haven´t heard anything, can anyone tell me what´s the next step? the processing time line for Havana is 9 months, thanks.
Georgia B
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Next step?
Just to wait. If the embassy needs anything else, they will inform the applicant. At this point there is very little to nothing what you can do.

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You faxed the receipt??????

How did you get their fax number they want it mailed!

Mail it Express post.


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@Roy, there was a fax # that was included in the letter, asking me to pay the Right of landed fees,there were several payment option, if you pay online, which was what i did, you have to print off the reciept, filled it out with client #, my name, address etc, then faxed it to this 905#.
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well i just wanted to share that yesterday my hubby did his interview and got his visa, wow! finally this waiting is over,so happy and thankful right now!
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