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  Hi All,

Does India ever update the status update. My wife´s passport is still stuck in New Delhi and there is no whatsoever update on the application. Is she getting it or getting delayed? I know India has been delaying everything due to stone-age.

In 2011
making the passport took 2 months
police clearence took 2 weeks
passport stamp taking forever.. probably 2 months.

In 2008:
making passport takes 1 month
police clearence took 1 day
passport stamp took 1 week.


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Im a Canadian Citizen and have sent my husband´s passport to the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi for over 5 weeks now. There have been NO updates on the website or NO response on the phone or mail as they suggest the communication should take place, whatsoever. WHO SHOULD WE TALK TO IN ORDER TO SEEK HELP?
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Trust me, this is driving all of us Crazy. I am a Canadian Citizen. I probably see my wife in January or February. Trust me Indians are very Naive. They allow a guy marry 20 fake wives and allow each of them.. but when it comes to a honest guy marrying one wife the, indian govt. wants to investigate if the marriage is real. These numskulls are idiots!!!
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Hey! who cares what happens in India, this is not an Indian immigration forum, don´t bring your monkeys here, we have a lot of monkeys to deal with in Canada.
Roy, Sharon and co. have no jurisdiction over india.Find indian immigration forum

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