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Subject: deportation
  I got to Canada and on the airport emigration got sospision that I want to work in canada without working visa so just cos The got suspision i got to go back to Germany and I cant entry canada for one year .the tru is I dont want work over there so I just spend lot of money for flying ,did any body know if i can go sooner then one year to canada
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Based on the information you have provided, you were issued a one-year exclusion order. If so, you cannot return to Canada in less than one year unless you obtain an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada). More information about ARCs is provided below.

Obaining an ARC is not an easy process. It will take time and a lot of work - and there´s no guarantee it will be approved.

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No. The ARCs aren´t processed as quick as you may think. You are better off waiting for a year and next time you attempt to enter Canada make sure that you have enough evidence that you are going to leave Canada at the end of your visit otherwise you will be refused of entry again.

And by the way, you didn´t get deported, you were refused of entry which are two different things.

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Why were you not just given a voluntary departure. Something is not right here. I doubt very much you were given an exclusion order unless you were got in a serious lie.


deportation (in reply to: deportation)
hello guys
my case was removal order become a deportation order,one of my questions are do I have to submit my application for PR(Quebec skilled worker) with the Arc application form-

deportation (in reply to: deportation)
cause for removal/inadmissibility A36,A49 cannot figure out what these Letters means?!
Thanks for understanding

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What is A36 means,please..
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What is A36 means,please..

Can i use same visa (in reply to: deportation)
Hi,help me in this regard i applied asylum in canada but unfortunately my asylum is refused and i left canada on Departure order with in 30 days in certificate of departure CBSA mentioned cause for removal A36,A49
My visit visa is valid to 2018 CBSA didnot cancel my visa nor cic
Can i reuse that visa again or not

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