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  Im thinking of coming to canada to work cus i just want to get away from the uk as its so depressing at the moment.

Im carpenter so i was wondering is there as much work as alot of peaople seem to be telling me because i dont no wether to be;ieve them.
I know that canada as bad winters to so because of this do building sites shut down?

Im not expecting to arrive and earn a fortune but im willing to work very hard.

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No - building sites do not shut down in the winter.
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241.253 - NOT TRUE.

Byson, it depends which part of the country you are talking about. If a building is not already closed in... and it is -10 C you can bet your mittens that the site is shut down. You can´t pour concrete, you can´t roof when there is snow, you can´t frame, the list is endless.

East and West coast weather is reasonably mild in winter so the shut down is much shorter. They are suggesting a harsh winter this year so who knows what will happen.

That said, the construction market in Canada is not a whole lot better than the UK. In the Vancouver area, all the Olympic construction is done, and housing starts are down.

I would not attempt it unless you have a job scouted before you arrive.

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Byson, don´t. Stay where you are. But if you insist, good luck - you´ll need it a LOT.
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we need more people to come and spend money!!! please come... i am planning to buy an apartment and rent out to newly arrive immigrants... CANADA NEED YOUR MONEY.... ROY NEED YOUR MONEY...
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Greater Vancouver area has the most outrageous rent and living cost. Unless if you could buy their exorbitant apartments or houses, you don´t have to spend $900-$1500 monthly just for one bedroom apartment.
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Yes, Vancouver is very expensive. You CAN get housing under $1,500 but no doubt about it... Vancouver is not cheap. 600,000 people seem to think it is worth it.

The better the climate, the better the opportunities the higher the costs to live there.

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No, they don´t think it is worth it. They don´t have a choice. For people who have choices, like I do, I prefer to return.
Everyone has their own reasons to migrate to Canada. For most of the Chinese, they´d like to hide their wealth and the Canadian government is very keen to welcome them. For other part of the world such as Middle East and Africa, it could mean saving their lives.
For me, it was just testing the water. Apparently the grass in my neighbour´s yard is NOT greener after all.

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thanks for the replies very helpfull. i think im goin to save up some money and try to emmigrate at the end of next year

How do i approach getting a job in construction where do i start

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You make absolutely sure your trainings and tickets are recognized in Cdn. Coming from the UK I have my doubts...

You might need to go back to Cdn college..maybe and a Cdn OFA-3 ticket might help you as well.

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I think Sharon is talking about BC where schools shut down if there is a cm or two of snow on the ground lol.

In Alberta is not the case. There are some activities that get delayed during construction but for the most part, things carry on during the winter months.

Your best bet is to find an employer while you are in the UK then come over as a foreign worker and take it from there.

Ignore Berg ans SG. They failed in their home country and failed here. If it happens once is an event, if it happens twice is a pattern.