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Subject: File Number Issue
  I filled my application through one of the visa consultant in India under the Federal Skilled Shortlisted NOC- CAP category, i am a bit worried and surprised to note that i have not received File number even after 5 months.although i have submitted all the important documents such as IELTS, Experience, PCC, Bank statement, DD Can$ 550, etc., The status of my submission as per my consultant is "Awaiting assessment by the High Commission". Can some one confirm me is my file under consideration and also let me know the total time period for the process.
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You´re being assessed by the Sydney Nova Scotia office. It normally takes six to eight months.

Check to see if the Cap has already been reached.

Total time period at least a year.


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Thanks for your reply & i am glad to hear that. You are absolutely correct yhe file is submitted at Sydney Nova Scotia. The cap has not even reached 10% of the total slot.
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i had previously applied for PRship in canada. I got my file number back in 2008. But due to some reasons i couldnt pursue it further at that time. I would now like to go for it again. my question is - can i use the same file number that i received in 2008 now? or do i have to go through the entire process again?

salil javeri
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if you received requests for information and you did not respond - your file is dead. Start again - unfortunately, you may no longer qualify.
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hello, please tell me if is necessary to have a job offer, i don`t have and i want to send my file without job offer, it is possible?

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is here someone who apply for imigration in saskatchewan?
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