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Subject: Proofs Required (Common Law)
  My Girlfriend applied as provincial nominee...

Overall she was approved on that application we arent get married yet.
by this month her passport will have a visa stamping..and she plans to go in canada by next year.

Whats the best advised now for me to follow her in canada...should she sponsor me or shall i apply independently? if she will sponsor me usually what are the proofs of relationships that will strongly shows the genuity of our relation.

Thanks in Advance...

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not sure why she did not include you in her original application. If you were living together for a year when her application was sent in, she could have included you the same as including a spouse.

have you been together a year? If so, I would amend the application

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she did not include me because at the time the application was sent we were thinking that they might immediately ask for my documents too and im not prepared at that time.

were together for more than 2 years,we have a lot of pictures,we had a joint account but it is just less than a year when we decided to make it as joint account.

what you mean ammend?

Thank you

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stupid decision on your part - sorry to be so blunt.

Now you have to prove your are common law and CIC will wonder why she did not include you to start with - they will doubt your evidence.

if she sponsors you - see above.

the best shot you have - have her amend/change her current application to include you. Otherwise, marry and she can sponsor you once she arrives in Canada but that means you will be living separate for at least a year.

apply independently... do you qualify?

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as of now her passport was submitted for visa stamping,so she will be going to canada that we were not married.. ..i have read some articles saying that once the visa was issued at she gets married ....she will not be able to sponsor me because we didnt inform CIC that she will have a change on her marital status before the visa was issued.

is there chance to amend the application even if she has visa?

how will i know if im qualified to apply independently...
thanks for your response i appreciate it.

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you are correct, getting married now and having her land would result in misrepresentation.

I am speculating the only option you have is to have her land, get married and her begin the sponsorship process.

Otherwise, she sends back her passport and adds you in BEFORE she lands which will delay her visa by several months.

Roy, DocD... any suggestions for these folks. I can´t get past stupid.

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