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  I am in USA and i had applied for Canadian Immigration from here in 2009. My case was applied at Buffalo consulate, New York and then they transferred to Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles, California. I got medical on 15 Nov. 2011. I completed my medical and also sent receipt to the Canadian consulate general at Los Angeles as proof. Actually I am missing one informational document where It was written that I have to send copy of DMP receipt as proof of medical examination. But one other applicant met me at medical center and told me that we have to send copy to consulate.
I have two questions:

1. Do I need to send copy of DMP´s receipt to the Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles, California OR Director, Health Programs (RNH), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada? Because it was written on the form that ---

"Your medical examination reports and x-rays must be sent by the Designated Medical Practitioner to the following address:
Director, Health Programs (RNH), Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Canadian Building, 219 Laurier Avenue West, 3rd Floor,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1 Canada"

I am not sure if I need to send receipt to the Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles or Director, Health Programs (RNH), Ottawa, Canada.

2. Do I need to send passport too with copy of medical receipt to the Canadian Consulate General or Immigration department will email me later for passport after finish of medical procedure on their side? One of my friend he applied from India and he sent both passport and medical report examination receipts together. I am not sure from here in U.S.A if I also need to send both together or Canadian Consulate General will ask for passport later.


Premdeep Singh
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Receipts to the consulate, telling the visa office that medical is done.

Original medical reports (usually by the doctor)are sent to Ottawa.

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