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Subject: consumer proposal
my husband what to sponsor me but he has some debts problem ... he would like to do the consumer proposal. is this not going let him to be a sponsor but this is not bankruptcy if any of you know the answer please let me know what ever you know about this case
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Get out of debt and stay debt free.
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consumer proposal will need to be accepted before you can even attempt a sponsorship.
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yes but what happend is that we want sand sponsorship aplication and as well sing for consumer proposal and the question is if this going to effect my aplication
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Consumer proposal is not going to hurt. But Bankruptcy can be! CP means you are willing to pay back and will pay back some of debts. but BR means taking off all cloths!!!!!
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like I said - consumer proposal needs to be accepted - otherwise you are formally in bankruptcy and therefore disqualified.

I doubt that CIC will accept and approve the sponsorship application until that question is answered.


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