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Subject: HELP............REFUSAL
  My wife went for an interview and she was refused(SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION)

For clarification purposes, her brother applied for her in 1996 through student visa and she got refused then,I think during the interview she was asked if she has a brother in Canada and if she has applied before, she said no. Pls what is the way out and the chances if I should appeal it.

Below is part of the letter they sent why she was refused.

Based on your interview at our office and our review of the documentation submitted, i am not satisfied that your reltionship was not entered into for the purpose of gaining entry to Canada and I am not satisfied your relationship with your sponsor is genuine. You were advised of the concerns during your interview, but you were unable to satisfy me that they were unfounded. As a result, for the purpose of the rgulations, you are not considered to be a member of the family class.

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Does she have a brother?
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Answering a question with only part of the refusal letter is difficult for anyone who is knowledgeable.

This part of your post clearly shows that the refusal is based solely on regulation 4 but there may be more in other areas. Consider yourself lucky.

4. (1) For the purposes of these Regulations, a foreign national shall not be considered a spouse, a common-law partner or a conjugal partner of a person if the marriage, common-law partnership or conjugal partnership
(a) was entered into primarily for the purpose of acquiring any status or privilege under the Act; or
(b) is not genuine.

With out further detail nothing clearly can be responded to.

Either way you need to file a Spousal Appeal with the IAD.

Get out there do your research and find an authorized representative who can prove they win spousal appeals, will provide references, and take the time to greatly increase your chances of success including interviewing you and your wife several times.

Preparation by informing a client (appellant-applicant)of the questions to expect is not fabrication.


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Roy, please do you have anybody. I live in Toronto
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