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Subject: level of french for Quebec
Dear friends

I am doing my french classes at "Alliance francais" in my home country, I am currently on A2 level, each Level (A1 or A2) last one academic year, I am planning to go for another level of B1 next year.

Is that enough for passing French skills for Quebec Immigration, because as I see the level of french is not necessary to be high at this province

I got A1 Delf Official certification
next february I will get A2 Delf certification

I know that Quebec requires TEF!

Other points I think I have
English, work experince, money 50K+, age,Masters degree


DELF A2 IS BEGINNER (in reply to: level of french for Quebec)
Quebeckers speak with a blended pool of languages- their own ´jual´, typical accent quebecois, crushed and distorted liaisons and anglicism.

(in reply to: level of french for Quebec)
Wow learning french to gain extra points.... if I am cic officer, I´ll grant your PR immediately... with such altitude, you should have no problem settling in any province... Good for you and canada :)
It depends where in Quebec (in reply to: level of french for Quebec)
Montreal is a very bilingual city, so if your frech is not great, they will switch to english. Some other parts of the Quebec province are more "french like". However, as an immigrant I would suggest you to settle in Montreal. Do not be surprised by the odd Quebecoise that will yell at you on the street for not speaking their broken french.
However, these people are the least educated in Quebec, so do not bother.
I think that English provinces offer better opportunities for immigrants. Even canadian born anglophones have issues finding a decent job in that province. From my personal perspective, it is a great place to visit ( perhaps the most interesting of the big canadian cities), but jobwise, I would suggest yo settle in Toronto, Vancouver or red neckish Edmonton or Calgary.

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