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  Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney bright idea on improving the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Letís eliminate the majority of refugee claimants by having some non-members employees types do what I tell them. Refuse, refuse and refuse.

**Ottawa Bureaucrat
Why would they do that?

They want to keep their jobs, donít they?

**Ottawa Bureaucrat
What about all the Lawyers and Consultants they wonít be happy. They will see the IRB as not being fair?

Well letís make all the IRB members take a fairly easy test to stay on as members. Immigrants have to take the IELTís.

***********The IRB told CBC News current judges are qualified to hear cases.****************************************************************
# Applied Screened Out

Eliminated at Multiple Choice 12
Eliminated at Written Exam 12
No Show (Didn´t submit exam) 6
Eliminated at Interview 7
Passed Interview 10
Interview to be scheduled 9
Withdrew 6

(Source: Immigration and Refugee Board)

When I first saw this humor this morning I fell out of my chair and hurt my toe.

I do not think Jason Kenney or the IRB members are laughing.

On the serious side of things what about the failed refugee claimants that were assessed by some of these members who could not pass the test?


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multiple choice and they failed........ i thought multiple choice is for driving test only.....

is there a test for immigration consultant??? I´ll bet it´s a true/false type multiple choice questions

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