Am I eligible under CEC?

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Subject: Am I eligible under CEC?
  I worked in Canada from Nov 2007 to Dec 2009 on a temporary worker status(intra-company transfer). I am a software developer by profession and it falls under the NOC list. My daughter was born a Canadian citizen by birth in Oct 2009. I left Canada in Dec 2009 due to my work contract expiring and had not applied for PR even though I was eligible.

Now I am back to Canada with a one year work permit from Sep 2011 to Sep 2012 and working in the same profession. I would like to apply for PR but I noticed a clause in CEC which states that "apply while working in Canada or within one year of leaving your job in Canada". I am now applying after a gap of nearly 2 years.

Would I still be having a strong case in CEC class since I already have over 2 years of "recent", if not "very recent experience" plus I am going to gain more Canadian experience with my new work permit ?
Would it be worthwhile filing my application at Nova Scotia (for basic eligibility check) to see if my application goes through to Buffalo (for further processing) ? - In this case for the worst case scenario, if Nova Scotia rejects, I would get my PR fee refunded.
If it goes past Nova Scotia, would there be a risk of it being rejected in Buffalo due to basic eligibility checks ? - In this case, if Buffalo rejects, I would lose my PR fees.

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is your NOC code on the current list of acceptable skills? Is your employer prepared to offer you a full time job beyond the permit?
Am I eligible under CEC? (in reply to: Am I eligible under CEC?)
Yes - My NOC code is in the current list of acceptable skills.
But no - My employer is not prepared to offer me a full time job. I am here on a minimum deputation of 1 year which could be extended based on business needs.

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Applicants must also have:

Temporary Foreign Workers:

* 24 months of work Experience within the last 36 months.

Nov 23, 2007
Nov 23, 2008
Nov 23, 2009
Nov 23, 2010 (YOUR CEC EXPIRES)

Application fees are not refundable, but Right of Permanent resident is refundable.

Nov 23, 2011

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Found this on CIC website:

a) The processing fee for you and your dependants

"If you are not found eligible to apply, we will inform you and refund your processing fee."

b) The Right of Permanent Residence fee

"This fee is refundable if you cancel your application or if you do not use your visa."

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Can anyone please advise on how to apply under cec from india and how much time it takes to get pr under cec if applied from india. i have 2.3 years of work experience as software engineer in canada and am currently in india. Also, would i need a canadian police certificate. I already have indian police certificate. If anyone has personal experience please share that as well.

Thanks in advance!!!

Shirin Bhatt
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I have experience in 2 different NOC, 7 months and 5 months
Can I apply under CEC or should have 12 experience in one

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