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Subject: My Son Situation
  Dear All,

I submitted my Skilled Workers application to visa office on January 2010 and they provided me a file number.

On 31st January 2012 Visa office requested up-to-date police certificates,medical tests and landing fees for me and for family.
Also they requested a proof or an educational status for my eldest son 24 years old, I sent to them proofs that he was studying since we submitted our applications until June 2011 where he graduated from the university and I explained to visa officer that my son is completely financially dependent on me and he hasn´t any finance income.

Unfortunately I received today an email from the visa office to inform me that the officer is not satisfied that my son meets the requirements of section 2(b)of immigration regulations, so they deleted my son from my application.
This is a big problem to me, what can I do to make the officer satisfy, shall :

1. I write a letter telling them that at the submitting date of my application my son was a student and he was attending full-time studying(which I approved with documents to them)until mid of 2011 and because their immigration procedure is so slow that my son had graduated.


2. my son register in any academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis coarse and submit to them all necessary documents to prove that.

I´ll be thankful to any experts´ advice to solve this issue.

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...sent to them proofs...

....officer is not satisfied...

A letter?

register his son now?

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Your son is fully grown adult; you can´t include him in your application. Ask him to file an independent application.
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your son is not attending school - that is the criteria. Enrolling him now ´for show´ is fraud.
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My son was a student with a full time studying when I submitted my application, and he was so for one and half year after submitting date.I submitted according new ministry´s instructions for skilled workers,2008, which stated that visa office would decide within 12 months after providing the main applicant with immigration file number.
But their procedures are slow and exceeded 12 months and that is not the applicant´s fault, the applicant can not freeze his family life for longtime.

How come it is fraud if he enrolls in a good reputation institute and he will attend full-time courses?

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