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Subject: Spousal sponsorship
I lived in canada 4 years ago as a refugee but my application was denied,i was in a relationship with my now wife close to 3 years and got married with her 2 days before leaving canada, she stayed. She applied for spuosal sponsorship in canada. So far our process has been approved and had no issues. Canada checked everything sent the docs to my country to star the process, already did the police check with the FBI, RCMP and my country`s as well, also did the examination from a doctor in my country. I already sent my passport by request of them . So far no problem and everything good. 2 part question 1)with all of this new rules that immigration is coming with will i have any problems due to that i got married before leaving and 2)i was asked to do a return to canada letter, will the immigration agent deny our application to come back for any reason he pleases.

Thank you all for your prompt answer.

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2- It all depends. It was up to you to prove that the relationship with your spouse is genuine and not for convenience to gain entry into Canada.

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My wife and I presented enough proof that our marriage was legitimate and we were doing it for love and not for convinience. Now another question that came to my mind is Will the refusal of my refugee status be a reason for the immigration agent deny the sponsorship case?
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No, as long as you declare it in your application. Otherwise they will charge you with misrepresentation which will lead to a refusal.

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that would be fine..
just don´t give fake documents and everything will be fine.

Russ Weninger
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