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Subject: TRV & Spousal Sponsorship together?
  I´m going to sponsor my wife who is abroad in Singapore (I´m a citizen and right now we are waiting for police certificates from all the places she´s lived and it´s taking a long while).
She tried to get a TRV but they refused to even accept her application and told her she must apply for sponsorship first.
This stunned me! So, what are the chances of getting a TRV once the sponsorship docs are submitted to the CIC?
Also, how long would she be able to stay in Canada as a visitor? 2-3 weeks seems like a reasonable vacation, but would the visa office approve 2 months?

...trying to figure out a way not to have to spend a year apart :)
Many thanks!

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Your chances of your wife on getting a visitor´s visa are slim to none.

It is easier for you to go down and visit while the application for PR is in process.

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Does anyone have experience in applying for spousal sponsorship and then requesting a TRV (visitor visa to Canada)?

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I just did. Unless you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear instead of reality.

There is nothing in the law to prevent it but a TRV is issued on the basis that the visitor will leave Canada at the end of his/her visit.

In this case, everything smells and looks that it isn´t the case. Chances are slim to none.

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thanks DocD, I appreciate your reply. I´ve consulted a few lawyers even and everyone tells me something different, but none were able to predict my wife´s TRV application wouldn´t even be accepted for submission. Looks like I´ll be doing some traveling then!
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Right, what I want you to understand is how the system works. There is nothing in the law that prevents your wife from applying for a visitor´s visa. Technically she can apply at any time.

Now, the way how visas are analyzed are based on the ties that the applicant has to their home country as well as their background (criminal check, previous trips, etc)

A visitor is supposed to enter Canada, visit and at the end of their vist, they are expected to LEAVE Canada. Not to stay while waiting for an immigration procedure or plain and simple...overstaying without a status.

When a person is waiting for a decision on a PR application is quite obvious that he/she already has plans on making Canada their home.

Some people that apply under the skill worker category have a slighty better chance of obtaining their visitors visa due to the fact that there is no inland procedure other than PNP which they would need to have a work permit prior to arrival to begin with.

Spousal applications on the other hand, are reviewed way different at the CIC office (Embassy) and when people attempt to enter Canada (at the POE by CBSA).

There are a fair amount of cases where people manage to obtain a visitor´s visa and get refused of entry right at the Port Of Entry for the fact that they don´t appear to be genuine visitors and their intentions for visiting don´t appear to be clear and genuine, their suitcase contents, amount of money they are carrying, their ties to their home country and so forth does not match their travel plans. It is quite risky.

Not a single lawyer or consultant can predict if your wife is going to obtain a visa and even if so, if she will be allowed to enter Canada even with a valid visa.

Again, best option is wait in line while the application is in process and either meet in a another country or visit her in her home country.

It is not a pretty picture but it is how the system works.

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Wow that is risky indeed, if she could even be refused entry at POE. That would be an even bigger letdown!

The one positive is that me as the sponsor doesn´t have to physically be in Canada while the PR process is underway.

I´ll be spending some months abroad :)

Thanks DocD

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I plan to go and stay with my wife and work overseas for about 6 months. To do that, I will quit my job here. On the application form, should I state I am currently unemployed and will get a temporary job overseas in my wife´s country, or should I apply before I quit my job here and go overseas (which will be in about a month, but I see that sponsor evaluation takes 55 days). I don´t want to lie obviously, but the question on the form is white and black, and for me it kind of depends on whether I answer the question as of my situation "today" or as it will be in a month or two.

Any suggestions or someone with experience?


Hi. I need some Help! (in reply to: TRV & Spousal Sponsorship together?)
Hi, I have a question and just curious. My husband and I was married last oct 29,2012 here in Philippines. We are on the process of completing our requirements for a PR application. My husband wants me to visit him in Canada for this coming christmas since he spent his last christmas with my family. Can I apply for a TRV while my PR is on process or it will be harmful for my PR to apply a tourist visa?
Invitation to visit Ex Husband (in reply to: TRV & Spousal Sponsorship together?)

can anyone help me out of this situation. I got married last 2007 in Baguio City Philippines with my husband who is holding permanent residence in Canada.

we apply for sponsorship, until 2009 he withdraw his sponsorship for me due to third party (on his side) we got separated for almost 4 years and now he come back to me this year. however, due to long years without communication my husband told me that way back two years ago he filed a divorce in canada (w/o my knowing. now he wants to remarry me again but now in Canada, according to Philiipine Law we do not have Divorce only Annulment. meaning we are still married here in the philippines but divorce in canada.

Can he sponsor me for a TEMPORARY RESIDENT PERMIT to vsit him in canada or what is the best way? Please advise us.. we wanted to remarry/renew our vows with the Lord Jesus Christ. my husband is doing some counselling to a filipino pastor in canada to be more okay i his feelings and on his mind to be certain.

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