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Subject: Divorce and support in canada
  I am an Indian citizen got into an arranged marriage in 2005 and then moved to canada with my husband.
My husband cheated me into going back to india to his parents and filed for divorce in ontario while his parents harrassed me in india so i left for my parents and filed a case of harassment against them.

And then at some point moved back to canada in 2010. found out he already got a no contest divorce out here.

I was to scared and didnt realise what to do?

i have a question now....can i not get this case opened in canada and go after him...i have suffered enough...

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what are you hoping to get-Money? If so, you need to hire a lawyer to see if that is possible.

Your Canadian status is secure as long as you maintain your residency requirements. All the other ´suffering´ is totally outside the control or interest of the Canadian government.

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Cunning guy but he knew how to get the divorce he wanted; can you tell us why would you both fight as much after moving here together? Do you have kids from him? If not, thank your lucky stars... You can start over more easily being single and without children (just go out and meet some white dude, don´t go back to the Indian guys, they are very nasty).
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