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Subject: Pr renewal...please advice
  Hello ,
I have a query . I will really appreciate if anybody can help me .
I became Canadian PR in sept 2004 ,went there for a month and came back and my pr card expired on sept. 2009. I have a sin card ...on that basis can we request for renewal of pr....I really wish to go there and spent rest of my life in the time I applied and went there I was a Indian citizen and now I am a Singaporean citizen. On more change is I did not have kids when I went there but now I have two daughters.please help and advice ...will look forward to your mail...thanks n advance....

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No - a SIN card is not a basis for renewal.

To maintain your PR status you must live in Canada two out of every five rolling years. Since you have not met the residency obligation your PR status is essentially gone now.

If you want to return to Canada and live here, you´ll have to apply for PR again from scratch.

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