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Subject: sponser spouse
Hi i need help to sponser my wife i am canadian citizen recently got married but only nikkah no rukhsati do i need to mention it when i file application or how to make my application.


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This should be the phone number to call and ask for the sponsorship package. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/index.asp And its better to send the papers with the nikah information and telling them about the rukhsati date too, that way when your case is IN PROCESS you could go back to Pakistan and send Canadian High Commision your airplane tickets and the new pictures from the wedding. Which will be the evidence of your wedding, and most likely you would be bringing your spouse along with you. Cases like yours have high chances of getting approved in a shorter period. But make sure you keep your tickets as you will be asked for the proof of leaving the country etc
Theres going to be questions on if it was only nikkah or a rukhsati was done too. And if its only nikkah then mention the date for rukhsati, so there you could mention it was just a nikkah n so and so date for rukhsati. But again you will have to go through one more step, in order to get visa. The step would be to go back to pak next year,get the rukhsati done and send the pics,ticket (make sure you take alot of Post-marriage pics with family n others) and all the other evidence! but starting today, start saving your phone bills n history,(no calling cards) skype snapshot, n snapshots of the emails exchanged and receipts of gifts sent(if applicable) which can later be sent with marriage pics.
And donīt forget to write down the names n relationships of the people in the pictures behind it. Make sure you have the brideīs pictures of signing nikkah papers along with molvi and all. Keep everything you have of the nikkah for evidence as you will be contacted a couple of times asking for more and more evidence, also send them the nikkah cards too. visit this website for helpful info: http://cvimmigration.com/

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My son is an Indian Citizen residing in USA (on student Visa). My son´s wife is a Canadian PR residing in Canada. My son´s wife filed a sponsorship and my son filed an application for PR. The sponsorship application has been approved by CIC office in Canada and my son´s application for PR has now come to India for further processing.

My question is : Where the PR visa stamping will be done? Can it be done in USA after file get processed in India?

Anil Shah

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