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I applied to PR under the provincial nominnee program. I was an international student in Canada with a scholarship from my country of origin. When I graduated, I returned back to my country and served under the scholarship provider for one and half year. Then I returned back to Canada as postdoc and applied for PR. Everything was going well in the application process for PR. However, I just received a letter from CIC asking for a proof that I have fulfilled my obligations towards my scholarship provider. I can not provide such proof, unless I have served under my scholarship provider for 4 years (I only did so for 1,5 year.

Any help or comments on how to answer CIC about this issue will be appreciated.



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What did you do for one and a half year?

Provide whatever you did during those months as a proof.

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Thanks for your reply. I can get a letter from my employer explaining the duties I have been performing during the one and half year period, but It would not say though, I have fulfilled my obligations toward the scholarship? Do you think this would be sufficient?



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won´t help; you need a specific statement from the agency that financed your training that you are free of any obligations... must be coming from a nasty filthy country to have enjoyed their financial support only to run from it at first opportunity!!
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