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Subject: Canada Immigration Point System
Does anybody know how does Canadian Point system works or is there a reference how does this immigration point system works. Post it or send it to my email, thank you wery much.

Canadian Point System Explained (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
You can actually find your answer on Government of Canada web site, and take the online test to see if you are qualified.

You can take the test on this page:

Points are already posted (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
This is already said in one of the postings:
In order to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, you must get enough points. Points do change from time to time but it is about 70.

Now How to know if I have enough points?
Here is the list of items that determine how many points you get by having following assets:

Education (maximum 25 points)
You must have a college or university degree.
- College or Bachelor: 22 points
- Master/PhD: 25 points

Working Experience (maximum 21 points) -- 1 year: 15 points
- 2 years: 17 points
- 3 years: 19 points
- 4 years: 21 points

Age (maximum 10 points for 21-49 yrs of age)

Language Skills (maximum 25 points):
- First language: 16 points
- Second language: 8 points

Job Offer (max. 10 points):
Valid Job offer will bring you 10 points

Suitability (maximum 10 points): Determined in the interview after you apply to immigrate to Canada as a skilled immigrate applicant.



Manuel Jan
(in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
Thank you manuel!!!

how take imigartion (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)

jagdeep singh maan
how take imigartion (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
i m bca stuident of india i want to setel in canada i have do my bca in last year sir plz tell me how can i get it
jagdeep singh maan
immigration to canada (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
Respected Sir!
I am khalid hameed from pakistan and i want to immigrate from here to canada . I have gone through your point system in detail and according to my calculation regarding points i got about 80 points out of total that is 100. My qualifications are as under :
1)Assocaite Engineer in Electronics with Grade A
2)Short course in electronics with First division
3)Good knowledge of computer system and networking
4)Certification in computer hardware
5)Languages Known: English , German
6)I have a one year job experience in LG digital Electronics.
7)I am 23 years old born in karachi.
8)I have been a leading player of Hockey during my Education. In this context i would like to mention that i was the best player of college hockey team and Captain of the team too. I have an athletic body with great descion power that is God gifted .

In the end i would like to say that i need to work in your country because i want to use my skills at the best.I hope that you would reply me as soon as possible. I would be thankful for your this act of kindness.
Khalid Hameed

khalid hameed
About the Immigration (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
I am 22 year old Pakistani national done my BCS in 2002 june and now working as a software engineer for 18 month. I have good command over English
Syed Saifuddin
point system (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
i am currently pursuing my master´s msc(environmental engineering) uni of nottingham,uk, will be completed in sept 2004. i did my BE(chemical engineering) from india.
and have 1 years experience. have tofel 227. i have done my studies in hindi medium up to class 12th. after then everything in english.
can u tell me about my points.

immigration (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
dear sir,
i am chemical engineer from gujarat university ad one year experience of the plant engineer.
i am doing master of business administration in international business so am i eligable for the canadia permenant residence.

thanking for u r favorable reply

Canadian Immigration (in reply to: Canada Immigration Point System)
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Ravinder S.

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