What happens if a visitor st. extension is refused

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Subject: What happens if a visitor st. extension is refused
  Let´s say an application for extension of a visitor status is made, but refused.

Will the refuse allow for some period of time to leave the country?

And Let´s say, whatever period was given, is exceeded - by a day, a week, or whatever. What happens now?

Does the applicant fall back to the typical overstay situation, where he can have problems if randomly caught on the street or in a future questioning by immigration officers at the border?

Or, does the fact of applying for an extension and being actively refused, actually puts him into some kind of tight followup loop with CBSA when he needs to report with them at port of exit, and failing to do this triggers some immediate actions against him.

Put in another way, does overstaying a refused extension milestone carry more painful consequences than overstaying a standard "leave after 6 months" stamp given to most visitors when entering the country?

Thank you, and let´s hope this will forever stay a theoretical inquiry for everybody

This http://www.canada-city.ca/canada-immigration/posting.php?messageid=27975 thread, says, in scenario #2, "Three more months go by and you get stopped in a ordinary traffic stop. You now have an automatic DEPORTATION Order"
- Is it precise? As far as I know, overstaying usually results in an *exclusion* order, blocking the person from coming back for 1-2 years and not forever as deportation.
- In the above scenario, when it says "You now have..." is this "now" only happens when the person was stopped in a traffic light, or does it say the deportation order was waiting for him since the moment he failed to leave, and now it is only being enforced.

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quit playing games. get on the plane and go home.
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If your application for an extension is refused you will be be informed in writing.

Likely they will call you for an interview where the officer will give you a volunteer departure order where you are required to leave Canada in 30 days.

If you stay over the period authorized by the officer whether is 30 days or less, the order becomes an effective deportation order.

Once an order becomes a deportation order against you, things can get pretty nasty from there.
If your authorized time is due, you should start packing and go home.

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Also if you plan on applying to become a resident in Canada they may give you a one year exclusion meaning you have to wait a year before applying to come back here.

Go back to your home country. Keep your record clean

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