Urgent help PRRA and H&C Application ?

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Subject: Urgent help PRRA and H&C Application ?
  Hello few years ago i failed my refugee case... so 4 years ago i applied for H&C Application, and after that about 2 years ago i applies for PRRA ... My questions:

1) - I found that my both applcations PRRA and H&C transferred to niagara falls selection integration refugee office... someone told that if both applications transffered to one office it means case accepted..... Is that true?

2)- my IFH health coverage is expeired and i learned that immigration will cut on health coverage and they established to systems :

A- full coverage like normal health card
B- public health with limitations.
Under which catagory i will be processed A or B?


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Hi there,

To be honest with you about the first question: We really don´t know why it was transferred. I have the same issue right now. I applied for H&C in September,2010 and PRRA around December of 2010. My file was initially transferred to my local office. Later last year It was transferred to Vancouver and later to Montreal BRO regional office. So i have both applications at the same processing office( Montreal). We just have to hope for the best ahead of us. I´ve seen people that applied last year and got accepted, and some got refused. So i guess it base on case by case. Honestly, my lawyer told me that he felt something good about my case.

Yes you can apply for Health card if you´re working full time for more than 150 days in Ontario. I have a opened work permit. Two years of that and two years of health card status. Read the Ontario health care policy. You don´t need the IFH if you have what i just said. You work status will determine your qualification.

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You probably touched on risk in your H&C application.


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Thanks for the response.I guess from the month of June in 2010, the risk was not considered as part of H&C application. I have a friend that applied for both applications four and six months after mine, and he was refused. He did touched on risk in his H&c as well. I want you to clarify something for me Mr.Roy. Since the H&C was submitted after the new amendment of the new regulation that risk would no longer be access as a factor. The anonymous that asked the first question said ´´ he applied for H&C under the old regulation. meaning risk would be accessed in his own application.

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Hello Roy, i am the person who posted this question... are you responding to my original post?

How long from your experience it waould take to process after the transfer?

Thanks stephen for your respond



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I´m pretty sure that Roy was responding to your original post. You applied under the old regulation. Meaning once you risk is raised as a factor, then both application would be process by a PRRA officer. The new regulation do not really consider risk as a factor. Still it´s a common sense factors. You can read the manual. Do not be despair,just keep updating your applications.
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